The place to go for hydraulic solutions

HYDEX Fluid Power Inc, the managerial headquarters of the HYDEX group, provides a complete range of hydraulic products and services for the Norwegian marketplace.
The HYDEX group consists of five highly specialized companies, each focused on a specific  niche within the hydraulic products and services market:
  • Mechanical and electronic control products
  • Hydraulic key components
  • Industrial tools, hydraulic cylinders, and accessories
  • Complete hydraulic installations
  • Industrial sensors and measuring devices.

A unique composition of knowledge and skills
Having worked in the hydraulics industry for years, the HYDEX group today holds both expert hydraulic knowledge and expert hydraulic craftsmen unique to the Norwegian marketplace.

In addition, the HYDEX group is working with a number of high quality partners to solve the hydraulic challenges of our customers. Every partner among the top manufacturers within their niche.

On this basis we are able to solve just about any hydraulic challenge there is - either by ourselves, or with the assistance of our partners.

Our value proposition
High quality products, along with an extensive experience and understanding of our customer’s needs enable us to provide the right solution for your specific requirements.

Knowing what’s expected of us, our goal is to provide well documented, optimal hydraulic solutions that add value and increases efficiency, productivity, and profitability.  

Our customers 
The HYDEX group customers are found in a number of industries: 

Agriculture           Construction           Energy           Fishing         Food
Forestry Hydroelectric power Marine Mobile Offshore
Oil and gas Production Smelting plant Subsea Truck builders


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