Kracht Volutronic serie ventil posisjonsmåler

Kracht volumstrømsmålere
  • The Valve Position Indicator VOLUMEC is a combination unit with mounting surface for directional control valves NG06 according to ISO 4401-03-02-0-02/DIN 24340-A6
  • The module consists of a hydraulic manifold, a gear type volume counter and an indicator
  • Mounted on a connection plate and completed by a directional control valve the VOLUMEC enables to control hydraulic operating ship armatures for ballast-, cargo- and stripping systems of all kind of tankers
  • In addition, the adjusting path of the armature will be measured and displayed
  • The Valve Position Indicator is suitable for the installation into deck boxes. The indication of the volumetric entered armature position can be read off optically locally or can be taken electrically by potentiometers or open / closed switches
        Kracht Volutronic serie ventil posisjonsmåler
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Type      ventil posisjonsmåler
Design Gear motor
Mounting position Optional
Max operating pressure 160 bar
Peak pressure 220 bar
Max flow rate 0,25...10 l/min
Fluids Mineral oil acc. to DIN 51524/25, other fluids on request
Medium temperature −20 °C ... +80 °C
Viscosity range 20...380 mm²/s, higher viscosities on request
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