Kracht VOLUMEC 5 serie ventil posisjonsindikator

Kracht volumstrømsmålere
  • The VOLUMEC 5 valve position indicator consists of one volume counter and one indicator device
  • Mounted on a connecting plate, the VOLUMEC 5 carries out the functions of measuring and counting the adjustment track of hydraulically operated ship armatures
  • The measurement unit is seawater-resistant and suitable for being mounted on deck
  • The volumetrically ascertained armature position can be counted and read optically directly from the device or electronically via the potentiometer or end switch
        Kracht VOLUMEC 5 serie ventil posisjonsindikator
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Type      Ventil posisjonsindikator
Design Gear motor
Mounting position Optional
Max operating pressure 300 bar
Max flow rate 150 l/min
Fluids Mineral oil acc. to DIN 51524/25, other fluids on request
Medium temperature −20 °C ... +80 °C
Viscosity range 20...380 mm²/s, higher viscosities on request
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Kontakt Hydex Systemhydraulikk vedrørende Kracht VOLUMEC 5 posisjonsindikatorer 

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