Kracht SD / AS / ASR serie Plug-in Display units

Kracht volumstrømsmålere
  • The SD 1 Service is a plug-in display unit which may be used with any KRACHT volume counter with plug-in connection according to DIN 43650
  • The display unit is simply put on the plug socket of the flow meter
  • The batterypack supplies the SD1 and the sensors with power
  • No separate power supply is necessary
  • If the battery drains flat the SD 1 Service can be operated and charged with the enclosed charger
  • The impulse volume is freely programmable
  • All necessary settings can be achieved with 2 keys
  • The programmed data is stored on a FRAM and therefore saved in case of flat batteries
  • With the batterypack an operating time of 30 hours is possible without recharging
Kontakt Hydex Systemhydraulikk vedrørende Kracht SD / AS / ASR display units  

Type      Plug-in Display units
Design Plug-in LED display unit
Connections  Angled connector DIN 43650 (4-pins) polarized
Protection IP 65 (DIN 40050)
Operating temperature 0 °C ... +60 °C
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Kontakt Hydex Systemhydraulikk vedrørende Kracht SD / AS / ASR display units
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