Kracht VCG serie volumstrømsmålere

Kracht volumstrømsmålere
  • The gear type flow meters of the type VCA/VCN/VCG are flow meters for liquids with a certain lubricity
  • The measuring unit of the KRACHT volume counter consists of a pair of gears, driven by a liquid flow on the principle of a gear motor
  • The plain bearing provides both axial and radial support to the gears
  • The movement of the gears is sampled without contact by a sensor located in the cover.
        Kracht VCG serie volumstrømsmålere
Kontakt Hydex Systemhydraulikk vedrørende VCG volumstrømsmålere  

Type      Gear Type Flow Meter
Design Gear motor
Mounting position Optional
Operating pressure 315 bar
Peak pressure 350 bar
Measuring range 1...65 l/min
Measuring ratio 1 : 300
Flow direction Optional
Medium temperature −10 °C ... +120 °C
Viscosity range 20...4000 mm²/s
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Kontakt Hydex Systemhydraulikk vedrørende Kracht VCG volumstrømsmålere 

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