Kracht VC serie volumstrømsmålere

Kracht volumstrømsmålere
  • Optimized for individual applications because the series have been rendered media-specific by means of differing clearances, bearing variants and materials
  • Wide measuring ranges with sizes graduated to meet specific requirements
  • Measurement independent of viscosity within the specified ranges
  • Low pressure drop
  • High-response measurement
  • High operating pressure
  • Low noise emission
  • High-precision measurement with outstanding reproducibility
  • Temperature-independent output signals over a wide temperature range
  • High degree of accuracy, even with low flow rates at the bottom end of the measuring range
  • High operating reliability of the electronics
  • Easy to use terminal of the preamplifier
  • Operating indication of the electronic
  • Sensor system and preamplifier in EMC-compatible design
  • Explosion-proof version available for all volume counters
        Kracht VC serie volumstrømsmålere
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Type      Gear Type Flow Meter
Design Gear motor
Mounting position Optional
Operating pressure 400 bar
Measuring rate 0,008...700 l/min
Measuring ratio 1 : 300
Flow direction Optional
Medium Oil, brake fluid, skydrol, diesel, gear oil, offset ink, polyol + isocyanate, adhesives, resin, silicon, clear lacquer, cavity waxes, solvent, lubricating, low lubricity, low/high/medium viscosity
Medium temperature −25 °C ... +220 °C
Viscosity range 1...1 000 000 mm²/s, according to series
Max. perm. foreign particle size in the medium 20...50 μm
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Kontakt Hydex Systemhydraulikk vedrørende Kracht VC volumstrømsmålere 

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